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Evans Design provides technical consultancy services for plumbing and heating systems to new housing developers, builders, suppliers and manufacturers.

We also extend this service as part of a design and build option for clients as part of the R.G. Evans plumbing and heating installations service.

Our Service

Our independent technical design service involves the creation of highly detailed working drawings and specifications for tender or execution. This service enables our clients to procure the best possible sub-contracted plumbing and heating installations.

We also undertake research to provide information rich reports on plumbing and heating systems (and/or products) for developers, builders and other installers. These reports could cover:-

  • New products or systems
  • Solutions to problems with existing systems
  • Savings on potential installations.
  • Running costs and environmentally friendly energy saving options.
  • Advice on new technologies and general legislation issues.


Evans Design gives a professional service that can save clients time and money by providing insightful analysis of potential plumbing and heating installations to proposed developments.


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Professional Drawings

Evans Design


Andrew Evans
Managing Director
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