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Contracts and Special Projects

R.G. Evans provide services for the installation of plumbing and heating systems to new home developers, builders and for special projects. There is a commitment to safety, training, on-site supervision, planning and after sales care for our customers.

We are a medium sized company with a deft touch and an enviable reputation. Established over 50 years ago but every inch a 21st century enterprise, R.G. Evans blends experience, with a keen eye for detail with an enthusiasm to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We specialise in plumbing and heating systems to:-

  • Main Contracts – multiple new housing sites, blocks of flats for builders or developers.
  • Special Projects – unique one-off dwellings and prestige developments.
  • Renewable Energy Sites – installation of green technology systems for heating and hot water.
  • Central Plant – blocks of flats with one prime heat source and internal common area distribution.

We provide an outstanding service and have done so since 1948. This is backed up by countless awards and long serving relationships we have established with many repeat clients.


We thoroughly check all enquiry information for errors or omissions and bring any findings to the attention of our client. When presenting our price, we provide full and detailed cost breakdowns for clear analysis. We also provide a stage payment breakdown for future applications, should our tender be successful.

Finally, we provide detailed notes and schedules where we feel clarification is needed. This ensures our clients are fully aware of our understanding of the tender documentation and what is required.

We are more than happy to discuss our price with the client and explore alternatives that could result in cost savings.

Project Management

This starts with and extremely detailed, transparent tender where costs are visible and contestable. It has a fixed price for an agreed term so protects the client from the vagaries of the price of materials. A timeline and schedule is produced to ensure we successfully meet our clients deadlines.

We project manage all our contractual work and have a team in place to oversee and plan every design. The wealth of experience within our company after leads to close liaison with the client and consequently, recommendations of improvements, efficiency, cost and savings.

This managerial care and commitment extends well after practical completion through to our After Sales service.

Installers / Engineers

All our employed engineers are qualified, experienced and Gas Safe registered. We don’t use agency workers. We have an in-house training policy that helps us develop our installers and engineers for the future. Many of our mature trained staff joined with us straight from school. This all means we can ensure the quality of our installations is consistently high.


We specialize in plumbing and project managing contractual work to meet customers specifications and time frames.


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Quality Control

We provide excellent quality control to ensure that all work is being supervised correctly and installations are to the high standards expected of us. Our record keeping appears obsessive but ensures accountability and traceability.

Throughout the entire project our team plan and oversee the entire project scrupulously. Our level of service has received multiple awards which is testament to our methods, and a reason why our customers continue to use us time and again.

So confident are we, in the quality of our work, that we offer a 2 year guarantee.


Our purchasing team ensure that accurate schedules are provided to our installers so that they check the products delivered to site and avoid delays.

Our in house system allows us to pre-order materials from merchants and co-ordinate delivery dates. We have a proven ability and experience to communicate well with site managers and merchants thus ensure supplies are delivered on time and in full.

After Sales

A Which? Trusted Trader 2015 Competition winner for customer care, we have a dedicated division for aftercare services. For further details please check out the Service & Maintenance section.

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