Green Buildings


Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions is the specialist division of the Evans Group that provides a range of renewable energy solutions to our clients. With MCS accreditation we can provide access to Government incentive schemes and provide consultancy, design and installation of a range of renewable energy products.


Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions specialises in renewable energy services which include the installation, service and maintenance of:

Biomass Boilers
A-Rated Boilers
Water Conservation Systems
Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Systems
Property Insulation
Heating Controls
Solar PV
Solar Thermal


Please visit our dedicated Renewable Energy division – Heppeltthwaite Green Building Solutions

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Technical Design

Our qualified technical team will gather as much information as possible and provide a quotation on the best possible renewable energy solution. We liaise at length with the customer to ensure we understand the requirements of the project.


We are MCS approved and can offer our clients the benefits of Government Incentive Schemes including Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These schemes now make investment in Green Technologies a viable financial investment offering large annual returns.

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Installers / Engineers

All employed engineers are qualified and experienced. We don’t use agency workers. Using our trusted and proven long serving engineers means we can ensure the quality of our work.

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