TITLE: – Site Supervision Manager

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, SUBContract
Salary: £30,000.00 to £60,000.00 /year


1)     Promote the company and brand at all times.  Present a professional image and a considerate attitude towards our clients (and their purchaser customers) to meet their needs, expectations and alleviate their concerns.

2)     Ensure brand compliance and follow general company polices.  Bring passion to your work by example and be part of a high performing team delivering customer satisfaction.  Make sound judgements and provide useful performance feedback to the team.  Ensure your personal attire is presentable, clean and appropriate.

3)     Ensure you take suitable breaks; during the day, evenings and weekends and full annual holidays to ensure you are alert and ready for work when appropriate.

4)     Obtain and keep up to date with qualifications relevant to this role.

5)     Motivate installers on site by example and sound judgement.

6)     Be insistent on high standards of workmanship and customer service with yourself and installations you check.

At all times we expect our customers, suppliers and other staff to be treated politely with the utmost respect.  Any issues to be reported back to your line manager.

If you require any extra training, this should be put your line manager or a director for approval.

7)     Receive direction, understand and follow instruction from the Directors.  Feedback any issues on installations to management.  Ensure that you have adequate information and that the works are of the high standards expected by our board and that of our customers.

8)     Be very aware of the contractual conditions and ensure installations meet the requirements.

9)     Feedback to the Installations Director on a regular basis and be part of the decision making process to ensure we attain and maintain a high level of reputation.

You will need to work closely with senior management to feedback relevant information, make policy decision and ensure they are carried out.

Ensure you have this information from the outset of working on a site – do not rely on normal recognised standards.

You will also need to work closely with installers and the Quality Control Manager.

10)  Be our first check point to ensure the systems we have installed are correct to specification and in full safe working order.

11)  Be our senior point of contact at site level for our client’s management and agree with their programme etc.  Pass this information onto our installers, purchasing and directors.

12)  Be our senior day to day contact on site for our purchasing department and ensure they have adequate information to ensure materials are ordered on time to meet the site programme.  Ensure we have staff on site to be responsible for all deliveries, check paperwork and return to the office in good time.  Report any damage or shortages immediately.

13)  During the installation process on your allocated sites, make regular checks to ensure all works are complete, to contract and of a high standard.  Ensure any discrepancies are corrected by the installer.

14)  Collect and check all weekly time sheets from installers under your supervision.  Ensure they represent the works done by the individual.  Ensure these are passed to the relevant personnel by the Monday of the following week to ensure payment on time.

15)  Attend regular meetings with our Installations Directors and update him on the present situation on your allocated sites.  Provide positive feedback on how we can continue to improve our service, with cost limitations.


As you may have several sites under your control you may need to ensure we have adequate staff to deal with deliveries or client contact, should you not be on site at the time.


16)  Work closely with our installers on site to be as helpful as reasonably possible, to ensure our standard of workmanship is maintained and improved if at all possible.

17)  Highlight and manage risk.  Be aware of site and company health and safety plans and ensure they are followed when appropriate.

18)  If provided with a company vehicle, ensure the vehicle is roadworthy, well-maintained, kept safe, clean, tidy and regularly serviced.  Report to the admin department any maintenance work required.

19)  Ensure your own, and the company’s, tools and plant are kept safe, clean, well-maintained, regularly serviced, tested and calibrated as appropriate.

20)  Ensure we attain and maintain an excellent reputation with our client and provide them with a very high level of service, meeting their expectations.

21)  Ensure installations checked by you are in good working order and above all safe for use.


Any issues should be reported in the first instance to our Installations Director.

You are responsible for your own safety and of those around you.  You must at all times act responsibly.

You are required to provide a copy of your current driving license and keep the company informed of any penalties. 

Any issues should be reported to our Contracts Manager or Director. 



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