Land Charter six hill stevenage

Land Charter Six Hills House

Land Charter Six Hills House, Stevenage

R.G.Evans Plumbing and Heating are delighted to be involved in Land Charters development project of Six Hills House, Stevenage. Located within the County of Hertfordshire, Six Hills House was originally constructed as an office building in 1982 and is now being converted into 143 apartments by Land Charter.

The town is within close proximity to both Luton and Stansted International Airports with excellent Rail links to London. The Stevenage Leisure Park and the Roaring Meg Retail and Leisure Park are both in close proximity, whilst North Hertfordshire College and Campus and an Asda Superstore lie opposite. The apartments are also just 5 minutes of the train station and prominently located at the Junction of Six Hills Way and London Road.

R.G.Evans are providing contracted plumbing and heating services for the entire project. Work has commenced and is due to be completed by April 2016.

Land Charter Six Hills House


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